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What is Amazon DSP and how can I use it?

Amazon's Demand Sided Platform (DSP) allows you to run display and video ads directly on Amazon and third-party websites.

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What are the benefits of Amazon DSP?

The data used is "first-hand data". This includes not only interests and demographic characteristics (as it is the case with e.g. Google and Facebook), but also data on the search and purchase behavior of potential customers. In this context, a (potential) customer is addressed at every stage, which is why a distinction is made between In-market & Lifestyle and Retargeting.

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In-Market & Lifestyle primarily targets potential customers who have never looked at the product or searched for it. They are nevertheless addressed because they could theoretically be interested in the product based on the data collected. This increases the attention to the product. A distinction is made between 6 different targeting types:
  • Buying behavior at the marketplace
  • Lifestyle
  • Context
  • Demographic data
  • Place and time
  • Technology

On the one hand, Retargeting targets people who have already looked at the product or searched for it and are therefore very likely to buy it. On the other hand, customers are targeted who have already bought the product, thus creating customer loyalty. Here we distinguish between 3 different retargeting types:

  • Remarketing to Amazon users
  • Target group of the advertisement
  • "lookalikes" (users who have similar characteristics to buyers).

What are the DSP formats?

You have the possibility to promote video ads, display ads and dynamic e-commerce ads. These can be customized to your preference and in some cases already include the buy box, directing potential customers from third-party sites directly to your product detail page.

Example of a dynamic e-commerce ad:

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What are the costs of Amazon DSP?

The costs of Amazon DSP are made up as follows:
  • Costs for impressions (here, the calculation is based on the thousand-contact price)
  • Administration fee
  • Monthly minimum fee of 599 EUR

Note: The minimum term of a DSP contract is 3 months, during which an advertising budget of at least 9000 EUR must be provided. If you are interested, simply book an appointment with one of our DSP experts via the following link.