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What is the Selling Partner API?

Who can use it, which data is provided via this API and what are the benefits of connecting it with my BidX account?

What is the Selling Partner API and which data is used by BidX via the interface?

The Selling Partner API is available to both sellers and vendors. Setting up the connection is done in just a few clicks.

Connecting the Selling Partner API with BidX enables our system to get access to products that have not yet been advertised, the fees charged by Amazon, as well as sales prices and product titles (Seller) of the products listed in your account.

Without this access we are not able to display or promote products that have not already been advertised. New products can be advertised by creating new campaigns for these products. The fees as well as the sales prices are used for the automatic profit calculation, which is required for the use of the strategies (Break-Even, Profitable & Promote).

In addition, via this API, BidX receives the data regarding total sales, which are required for the visualization and utilization of the Total ACOS

How can I use the Selling Partner API with my BidX account?

Find a detailed description of how you can connect the Selling Partner API with your BidX account in the corresponding article