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How do I connect the Selling Partner API?

Get to know how the the interface is connected.

Step 1: Open the account settings.

Step 2: Click Amazon Connection.

Step 3: Under Selling Partner (Seller) or Selling Partner (Vendor), select "Connect now" (depending on whether you are a Seller or a Vendor). You will then be redirected to the Advertising Console.


Step 4: Now log in to your Advertising console. The following window will open: 

Confirming the connection via "Confirm" completes the setup of the new interface.

How can I connect the Selling Partner API in agency accounts?

Agencies that manage multiple accounts with the Manage Accounts feature are also able to use the Selling Partner API.

Note: For agency accounts, the transfer of organic data via the Selling Partner API is currently only possible for vendors. We are working on an implementation for the transfer of organic data for seller agency accounts at the moment.

Generally the procedure for setting up the API is exactly the same here, but there is a special setting for vendor accounts you have to make:
To approve a transfer of organic data for Vendors, you can set the rights of BidX in the Advertising Console. You should set YES for "Manage Integrations(EDI/API)".

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