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Which results can I expect?

When will my ACoS improve? What results can I expect using BidX?

Whether and how quickly the actual target ACoS is reached depends on various factors. To ensure that BidX adjustments optimize a bid in the long term, adjustments are only made after a minimum number of clicks. As a result, the number of adjustments depends heavily on the number of keywords and the amount of data generated for the account.

Tip: We recommend starting with higher bids for new campaigns. This generates more data and thus more adjustments right from the start. The optimal bid can be found more quickly in this way.

If an unrealistic target ACoS is set for an automation, it cannot be achieved. If the target ACoS is very low, bids may be greatly reduced. Although this makes each individual sale more favorable, the total revenue may suffer due to the infrequent playout. With a very high target ACoS, bids are increased. If you are already the highest bidder for a keyword, a further increase will have no impact on performance.