Where can I find the bid history of the adjustments? Can I undo these changes?

Where can I find an overview of the adjustments made? Can I also undo them again?


Step 1: To access the keyword changes, please log in to your BidX account first. Now select the second tab Management in the navigation.

Step 2: Then select the Automation & Rules tab.

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Step 3: In the lower section you can now see the rule logs and via Details you can see on which day which bid changes and structure changes have taken place per country as well as which automation or rule has been applied.

Note: We also take all manual changes from the Advertising Console and adjustments that took place via other bid management software into account. This data will be available soon as well.

Can I undo the changes that have been made?

You can undo the changes made within 72 hours after the adjustment. You can undo the changes of a whole day or only selective changes.

1. Undo changes of a whole day on marketplace level:

To do this, click on the return icon to the right of the number of changes on the desired marketplace and then click "Undo".

2. Undo selective changes of a day on a marketplace:

To do this, first click on "Details".

Now you can undo individual changes by clicking the return icon next to the change.

Afterwards click on "Undo" again.