What changes are displayed in the rules log?

In the logs, the adjustments made by BidX via the automations and individual rules are displayed in order to provide maximum transparency.

In "Management", more precisely in the "Automation & Rules" section, you find the rules log below your automations and individual rules. Clicking on "Details" leads you to the detailed logs. All adjustments performed by the system for the selected date are displayed here. Please note that manual changes or adjustments by other systems are not included here.

Basically, BidX performs two different types of adjustments. The first one is based on the bid optimization and the second one follows the keyword management. Both are explained below.

Bid Adjustments are changes to the bids of individual keywords or ASINs performed by the system through automations or rules. In the detailed view of rules log you can see the affected keyword and campaign, the absolute bid change and the rule or automation that triggered this adjustment.

The Structural Adjustments tab displays the targets and negative targets created by the automation. This is the case, for example, when the Keyword Management shifts a keyword from an automatic campaign to a manual campaign. In the detailed view of the rule logs you can see in which campaign the keyword was created, the match type of the new keyword and which automation or rule triggered this adjustment.