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What's new for Sponsored Brands?

Learn more about the latest developments in sponsored brands.

Sponsored Brands Negative Keywords
"Negative Keywords" can now be added to Sponsored Brands in the Advertising Console. 

This prevents the playout of keywords. For example, it could make sense to set good or badly performing keywords to negative and to convert them into more controllable campaigns (Phrase or Exact).


Sponsored Brands Broad Match Variations:

Sponsored Brands broad match now include words that are variations such as plurals, synonyms or other words related to the keyword. e.g., an advertiserโ€™s ad targeting โ€œshoesโ€ using broad match may show on shopper query for โ€œsneakersโ€. This helps advertisers reach even more shoppers who may be interested in your products.


Sponsored Brands Broad Match Modifiers:

Sponsored Brands now also offers โ€œbroad match modifiersโ€. Users that want a certain word to always appear in any broad matched keyword can add a broad match modifier by adding a '+' symbol before the word. e.g., if using a keyword "+men shoes" with broad match, then the ad will only match to queries that contain the word 'men'. The ad may match to "men sneakers", or "running shoes for men" etc. but not to "running shoes".