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What is SPA to SB Sync?

The aim of this function is to transfer keywords from Sponsored Product Ads campaigns (SPA) into corresponding Sponsored Brands campaigns (SB). The function also takes over the creation of self-service automation.

Note: The "SPA to SB Sync" function can be booked separately in the Enterprise and Agency plan.

The function is activated in the Product Management via the button SPA to SB Sync or the Bulk-Upload.

In order to connect a product with a sponsored brand campaign you need to upload a Bulk-File with the products and their corresponding SB campaign. Unfortunately, the necessary data is not provided via an API, so the connection must be established manually. How to set up the connection is explained in the section "How do I add ASINs to my SB campaigns?". 

It is also necessary to assign a match type to each campaign, e.g. BROAD or EXACT. This is done automatically in BidX by counting the keywords and their match type within a campaign and selecting the predominant match type.

Match ASINs to SB campaigns

In BidX select Discover and click on the "Sponsored Brands (HSA)" tab in the top left corner. The tabs have been extended to include ASINs. If you click on this tab, you will see an overview of all ASINs assigned to a SB campaign (see picture). Every ASIN has a State (see 1). If it is  active, this ASIN is taken into account for the sync function. Whether the sync function was activated in the Product Management or not can be seen in the column SPA to SB Sync State (see 2). If both are activated, marked by a green dot, the function will be performed every night from now on.

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How do I add ASINs to my SB campaigns?

Adding ASINs to a campaign is done via the button "Add ASIN" (see 3.). You can download a flat file containing all existing SB campaign titles and their IDs. In the column ASIN you can add the ASIN belonging to the campaign, change the ASIN status (enabled, paused and archived) and define their position (headline and page list).

For each ASIN, the line containing the campaign information must be repeated. After completion, the file can be uploaded.

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How do I activate the Sync function?

There are two ways to activate the SPA to SB Sync in the Product Management:

  1. In the Product Overview via the blue button SPA to SB Sync OFFBildschirmfoto 2019-08-20 um 18.35.44
  2. The Bulk-Upload in column L can be used to assign a 1 for ON or a 0 for OFF to the respective product. Note: The column L  is not displayed by default. If this column is missing, it must be supplemented with the heading SPA to SB Sync.

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How does the Sync function work?

The function consists primarily of two components:

  1. Transfer of keywords from Sponsored Product Ads campaigns to corresponding Sponsored Brands campaigns. It is necessary that the ASIN is connected to the SB, has state active and the sync function in Product Management is active either via the front-end or the bulk file.
  2. Creation of SB automation with an average target ACoS of the ASINs contained in the SB campaigns. The target ACoS refers to the one stored in Product Management for the product.

Activating and pausing SB campaigns and their automation

The SB automation and the SB campaign itself will be activated if at least 50% of the ASINs have the Sync active. The automation as well as the SB campaign itself will be paused if more than 50% of the ASINs deactivate the sync.

Where can I find the transmissions that were made?

Every transmission caused by the SPA to SB Sync generates an entry in the Rule Log. You can find the Rule Log under Management in the Automation & Rules tab.

Note: Only keywords with the corresponding match type are transmitted, e.g. a BROAD keyword from a SPA campaign to a SB campaign that also has the match type BROAD. No negative keywords will be transmitted, because this is not supported by Amazon in SBs yet. Only keywords within a country profile are transferred, i.e. no keywords from DE SPAs to DE SBs are transferred.

How do I add keywords to SB campaigns?

Go to Discover and select "Sponsored Brands (HSA)" in the upper left corner. You can add new keywords to the SB campaign by clicking the button "Add Keywords" in the tab Keywords. You have to select a match type and place the bid comma separated behind the keyword (see picture).Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-20 um 15.54.13