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How do I create new rows in the structure in Product Management?

With new rows, ad groups of the same match type and different advertising types can be linked.

By using multiple rows in Product Management, you can link any number of ad groups of the same match type to a product. The limitation of 1000 keywords per ad group can be bypassed this way. When creating the rows, you're able to select the ad type. This also allows you to create multiple rows of the same ad type.

There are two different ways to create new rows:
  1. via "+ add new row"
  2. via Multi-Select

Creating new rows via "+ add new row"

In the structure view in Product Management you can create a new row by clicking the button "+ Add row". If you click on the button, you can select the ad type of the new row in the dropdown-menu. After it has been created, ad groups of the respective ad type can be linked there

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Creating new rows via Multi-Select

In Product Management, select one or more products via Multi-Select. Then press the "Please Select" button and select "Add row" from the drop-down menu. In the pop-up window, you can choose for which marketplaces and advertising type the new row will be created. You can also directly assign a focus. 


Giving the row a focus is important in case one of your automations includes a focus and for cross-advertising keyword management