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How and when are sales assigned to product ads (Amazon Attribution)?

Learn everything you need to know about Amazon Attribution in the following article.

What is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon attribution describes the process of assigning a sale to a product ad.  Especially when a customer clicks from product to product, it may not be immediately obvious at first glance which product ad a sale is finally assigned to. It can also happen that a sale is assigned days after the click on a product ad.

Which time periods are of relevance?

This depends on whether you are a seller or vendor and which advertising type is considered:

  Seller: Vendor:
SPA: up to 7 days up to 14 days
SB: up to 14 days up to 14 days

For example, a sale on Friday can be assigned to a product ad accessed on Tuesday.

How exactly are sales assigned?

A sale is always assigned to the product ad of the seller that was last clicked on before the purchase.  As described in the previous section, this can also happen up to 14 days after the product ad was accessed.

Note: For CPM-based ad types (DSP and partly SDA), the last view of the ad counts.

If, on the other hand, you need information on the product actually purchased, you can obtain this data in the advertising console. To do this, click on "Reports" ➝ "Advertising Reports" and select "Purchased Product" under Report Type.

Example: A seller offers TVs, game consoles and carpets. You click on the product ad of the television and then, via the product detail page, on the game console sold by the seller, which you purchase. Assuming no other Product Ad has been accessed in the meantime, the sale of the game console is attributed to the TV's Product Ad.

The "Purchased Product" report gives you the information about the product that was actually purchased.