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Does BidX have an affiliate program?

Yes, with BidX's affiliate program you can easily refer friends and profit yourself.

We are delighted that you love BidX as much as we do and that you would like to recommend our excellent tool to your friends. Not only your friends will benefit from a discount with our affiliate program, also you can look forward to a special offer from BidX.

What benefit can you expect?

You will receive 10% commission from us for each customer you refer over a period of 12 months!

What benefit do your friends expect?

With your individual voucher, your friends will receive a 10% discount on their booked BidX subscription. Also over a period of 12 months!

If you are interested in the affiliate program, please contact us in the chat and we will create your personal voucher.

Special offer for our established and new customers in the USA!

If you are an existing or new customer in the USA, you can expect double the conditions right away. Thus, you will receive 20% commission for each referred customer and your friends will receive a 20% discount voucher.

And the best: These conditions are unlimited! Get your unlimited affiliate program for USA today and sign up at BidX Affiliates