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Can BidX also adjust dynamic bids or bids for placements?

In addition to the three bidding strategies, the bids by placement offer the possibility to increase the bids for product detail pages or for the first placement results by up to +1,900%. Is this taken into account in the automation?

You can view the information about the bidding strategies in Discover and make adjustments manually. To do this, you need to activate the " expand view" in the top right corner of the campaign level.

Afterwards, you can specify by what percentage the current bid should be increased.

Note: For more information on using dynamic bids, see the article: Dynamic Bidding and Placement Bids

In addition, we recommend currently the use of "Dynamic (down only)" if the campaigns have an efficiency target (target ACoS) and no other strategy, such as a push campaign, is used. We have also prepared a comprehensive analysis on this. You can read more about this in our Case Study