The AMC Dashboard, what is it and how to use it?

KPIs are especially important for making well-informed decisions. And for this, we have now developed a solution to extend our regular dashboard with data from the Amazon Marketing Cloud.

What are the benefits of our AMC Dashboard?

With Amazon Marketing Cloud, you have access to a much larger amount of data, because in addition to the regular data, you can also extract data on customer behavior. For example, you can see the path of conversion, touchpoints of ad types before purchase, or the revenue over the course of the marketing funnel.

How does the Amazon Marketing Cloud work?

The Amazon Marketing Cloud works with so-called instances. These instances contain data from only one advertiser at a time. If advertisers work with multiple IDs, for example because they represent multiple business units or brands, the data can be placed in the same AMC instance or evaluated separately.
Once an instance is created, the advertising data for the past 28 days is loaded into the instance. You can then access only this data. The advertising data is stored in the instance for up to 12.5 months. This means that even one year after creating your instance, you can always view the latest 12.5 months of data in the instance.
If you want to query the data from Amazon's AMC, until now it only works with complicated SQL queries and in confusing Excel spreadsheets.

To make it easier for you to access this important data and present it clearly, we have developed the AMC Dashboard:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-23 um 08.29.52

Note: At the moment it is not possible to create your own AMC Dashboard. For more information on AMC and the dashboard check our blog article.